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    LITNA Instant Hair Color Shampoo! [Oneclick for more details..]

  • LITNA Instant Hair Color Shampoo!
    Color: Natural Black

    Enriched with various herbal essence such as Natural Olive Extract, Noni, Ginseng, which makes your hair lustrous and wonderfully beautiful. Litna Hair Color gives you a beautiful Natural Black hair within 5 minutes and lasts up to 4 weeks.
    It spreads evenly and is quickly absorbed by your hair roots.
    It imparts silkiness & shine smooth texture, leaving your hair fragrant, soft and delightfully manageably coloured.
    Plant Essence: Natural Olive Extract, Noni Extract, Ginseng Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Ayurvedic Herbs.
    Comes with FREE Litna Hair Conditioner !

  • LITNA Shampoo [One click for more details..]
  • LITNA | Lavender Shampoo

    The comforting choice. The Lavender extract enhances the hair wash by offering comfort and freshness. Litna Lavender Shampoo acts as a versatile remedy in aromatherapy for your hair. After every wash with Litna Lavender Shampoo the natural aroma keeps you feeling refreshed.

  • LITNA | Henna and Shikakai Shampoo

    It's your choice to be different with this natural product. This herbal treatment is completely safe. Shikakai is a "fruit for hair". It's a good cleanser with natural low pH; extremely mild and doesn't strip hair of natural oils. These Henna and Shikakai extracts enhances your hairs natural beauty without damaging or making it dry. It strengthens the roots of your hair and gives a natural glow to your hair. The natural extract gives luster. It leaves your hair smooth, shining and silky.

  • LITNA | Aloe Vera and Olive Oil Shampoo

    Your Ideal choice! Aloe Vera extracts are of high nutritional value and are recognized as a potent "herbal remedy for hair and scalp". The vitamins easily penetrate into the skin of your scalp and help to rejuvenate and strengthen the roots of your hair keeping hair healthy. The vitamins and softens the hair keeping hair healthy. The vitamins A and B found in the shampoo are helpful in preventing damaging effects from UV radiation.

  • LITNA | Coconut H2O Shampoo

    Litna Coconut Shampoo, It's choice of elegant with cococin shampoo. It's a pure coconut water extract which is recognized as "hair therapy", for its quality of strengthening the structure of the hair. The cococin extracts is natural remedy for damaged hair. Cococin extracts lubricate and softens the hair shaft through the action of minerals. Litna Coconut Shampoo softens the hair and condition the scalp.

  • LITNA Hair Color [One click for more details..]

    Our new range of LITNA Henna Hair Color is gentle and easy to use yet long lasting. Unlike chemical dyes they do not penetrate the hair shaft but coats the outside of each hair shaft with a protective layer. Using LITNA Henna Hair Color reflects light, making your hair shinier and also smoothes over the roughened colors. It gives glossy look good looks and increased volume. LITNA Henna Hair Color is a natural herbal based and free from AMMONIA & PEROXIDE.

  • LITNA | Herbal Natural Black Henna

    Extract enriched with Indigo Leaves.

  • LITNA | Herbal Chestnut Henna

    Extract enriched with Coffee Arabica.

  • LITNA | Herbal Golden Henna

    Extract enriched with Curcuma Longa.